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05.10.2011 / Sophia CH. / Beauty

對於指甲油,我喜歡的都是單色系的簡單顏色,最好就是不閃亮的種類;而我對顏色的接受程度很大,由淺色系到深色系的,我一概也很能接受。這次 Models Own Beetlejuice Collection 給我一種很特別的感覺,雖然未至於令我立即愛上,不炵過我還是會高度注意的。又或者,要是我看到模特兒的手指是這個顏色的話,我的目光應該會良久不離開她的手指。Models Own Beetlejuice Collection 一共有五個顏色,五個不同 pearlescent colours 的選擇。[via]

Author: Sophia CH.
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  1. Sophia CH. / October 24, 2011

    Hi jacqueline and phyliss, check it out their website,
    hope this helps =]

  2. phyliss / October 21, 2011

    what is this? where can i buy it in the u.s.

  3. jacqueline / October 16, 2011

    is cool, I love it, would you tell me where can buy in HK?

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