Ryan Reynolds 繼續搞怪!《Deadpool 2》竟亂入「變種人」學校!

由 Ryan Reynolds 主演的《Deadpool 2》近日正式開拍,Ryan 昨天就在他的 Instagram 上,率先分享了《Deadpool 2》第 1 張 behind the scene 照片。從相片中可見身穿「Deadpool」戲服的 Ryan 躺在地上,而背景竟然是《X-Men》系列「Professor X」的大宅,「Professor X」致力為「變種人」進行教育和培訓,給予他們發展空間,過往「Deadpool」都曾經被邀請入學。

Dropped by X-Mansion. Looked closely for Beast’s lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap.

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If you read our minds, we’d be wishing you a Happy Birthday today, James McAvoy.

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「Professor X」

在第一集《Deadpool》電影中,不時都聽到主角揶揄同公司(Marvel)的其他超級英雄系列電影,例如當有角色登場時,他就嘲笑要配以「Super Heros landing.」。令人更加好奇到底《Deadpool 2》為什麼會出現在培訓英雄的「變種人」學校外?而據 Ryan 早前接受的訪問曾經表示過,他很希望「狼人」Hugh Jackman 能夠參演《Deadpool 2》,不過 Hugh 在接拍完《Logan》後就已表明不會再演「狼人」,因此他已拒絕了 Ryan 的邀請。不過導演就表示會有幾名熟悉的「變種人」參演,所以大家也不用太失望。

One last ride. #Logan

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#Repost @robliefeld ・・・ So, when I first met Mr. Ryan Reynolds, my heart skipped a beat. As he leaned down to hug me, I was struck by just how damn tall he was and I mumbled in disbelief, “You’re…so…damn tall". As he released me from his grasp, He responded with " I am. So. Damn. Tall…" in that pitch-perfect cadence that only Ryan Reynolds can deliver. My recessive gay genes all lit up like a house on fire over his ridiculous handsomeness, which as you all know, is second to none. Like so many of you I was a huge fan of Ryan long before he adopted Deadpool as his own personal Jesus. What he did for the character and the smiles and the excitement he created for all of us is so ridiculously wonderful. Deadpool went from popular comic anti-hero to global blockbuster icon as a result of his will to keep the dream alive! I’m beyond thrilled whenever he rocks that black and red leather ensemble. Thank you for your many talents, thank you for fighting for your vision, thank you for never giving up on Mr. Pool. Congrats on being named GQ’s Man of the Year @vancityreynolds what a spectacular year!! No one deserves it more! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #deadpool #vancityreynolds

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