Summer Trend: Slit Skirt

31.07.2012 / Vicky Wai / Fashion

炎炎夏日,最佳的 outfit 裝束一定是穿上短褲、短裙,讓雙腿也能吹吹夏日涼風!如果想女性化一點的話,穿上長裙也是不錯選擇。今夏流行的長裙款式,告別單調,看似密實的長裙,側面的開衩剪裁,稍微露出腿部肌膚,帶出一點健康性感美!我們今天為大家收集街頭不同 Slit Skirt 配搭風格,大家可以參考看看,來一個型格又涼爽的街頭 chic style 吧!

Author: Vicky Wai
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  1. N / July 31, 2012

    I would appreciate it if the sources of the pictures are given.
    Please give credits to the sources/original blog/photographer instead of just showing the pictures as if they are yours. Respect.

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