The Row Fall 2010 Collection

18.02.2010 / PopBee / Fashion

我想在明星衣服系列之中,由Olsen Twins主理的The Row,已经可以说是数一数二的品牌了吧?这是他们的首个时装秀。我会说,衣服虽然简单,不过很有大牌的感觉。丝质的运用,配上不经意的sheer,再搭上小部份的leather,完全是恰到好处。大家认为呢?

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  1. ax / February 18, 2010

    failed to see anything original, soulful, or artistic about the designs. yes less is always more and they are simple indeed, but what’s so special about being simple? this is horrible, ef-ing dick riders,

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